Hotdesk (deviceanduser) auto logoff?

I’ve been searching for sometime to no avail. I’d like to find a method to auto-logoff hotdesk users. I’m not terribly fussed over the precise mechanism; ideally a timeout after login, say 12 hrs, but even a crude solution such as logging out all users on adhoc phones once a day would suffice. Any suggestions for a good way to accomplish this? I’ve experimented briefly with using .call files at the filesystem level, and also had a look at using the manager interface, but nothing really seems to fit the bill yet. Elegant would be nice but quick and dirty will work if the elegant solution is going to be a pain to implement… Version is 2.2.3 if that matters.

cron job could do it daily, though the manager. Currently there is nothing tracking when they logged in, or when they last used it (other than digging through the CDR) to decide if they should be logged off.

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i may have the answer for you - whats ur email address? or catch me on irc (im hi365)

Will try to get on irc in a wee bit… Meanwhile I’m ed at hintz dot org if that’s quicker.

is there a solution for auto logoff agents?