HotDesk Daily Logout Script

I have a few forgetful users that don’t log their phone or their computers off when they leave for the day.

I’m looking for a quick way to have certain phone extensions logout at midnight every night.

Anyone successfully done this and willing to share?



Hopefully there is someone that has done something like this but User/Device mode is a rarity in the grand scheme of things and generally not supported over all.

I think the issue you’re going to run into is that when they dial *11/*12 to logon/logoff it looks at the device’s callerid to handle it for that device. So you might have to do something that allows you trigger a logout from another device to a specific device/user.

Write a script that sets the caller ID, dials the feature code, then set it on a cron for midnight?

As another option, maybe the phone itself has some sort of macro functionality.

There are assumptions, but it has not been explicitly stated how you are hotdesking. What is your login/logout method?

Good point. If you are not signing the extensions out of the physical phones, and instead just need dynamic agents out of the queue:

Same approach, different commands.

Not entirely true. HotDesking is generally for when a single phone is shared by multiple users such as having a day and afternoon shift. The two users share the phone but during different times of the day. The other common use is when you have a roaming user that either is moving from location to location or doesn’t have a static phone/desk assignment. So they take an available phone and log in. This also means if they log into a queue (or queues) it will be based on the user that is logged in not the device they are from.

Using queues will not solve this issue because regardless of Extension mode or User/Device mode, it will only log the member out of the queue and not the actual phone.

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We are using HotDesking for users that share an office during the week. If they forget to logout the phone rings when they aren’t there, annoying others in the shared space and giving the caller the false hope that someone might pick-up. The other issue with them forgetting is that the next user in the space might forget to login as themselves, making them unavailable to others but not realizing it as they are able to make outbound calls.

They are using Sangoma S500/700 series phones with a login/off button. Some of these users are queue availability concerns as well, but not all of them.

I’ve been curious about this myself. I know the code for Phone Apps is not viewable or customizable. Maybe you can push the logout URI to the phones via a script?

Not a bad idea. I’ll grab a spare phone and do some testing on that.

Lorne, any thoughts?


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