Hot to create an Internal Intercom w/ BLF button - DPMA

I’m trying to create BLF buttons that will intercom an extension instead of trying to call it. I tried creating external contacts in the contact directory but then BLF does not work. All internal contacts will automatically tell it to just call. I edited the actual contacts configuration file and got it working perfectly using that but on the next restart that file got overwritten by the freepbx gui. How can I make this work?

Have you looked at Smart BLF?

That is exactly what I’m looking for! The only problem I’ve seen so far is that it looks like the DPMA module in freepbx does not support it. Will I just need to disable that and do everything manually?

Have you tried turning on “Internal Auto Answer” in the extension setting (or a global one in advanced). that’s how I did it.

I will try that out as soon as I am on-site. Thanks!

I also remember I had some issues with the phones ringing before picking up that i’ve fixed with This. Might not apply in your case, but if it happens that’s what worked for me.