Hot spare and commercial modules

Hello, I am planning to build a two server setup with the first one as the main server and the second as a hot spare server.
I am planning also to buy the endpoint manager commercial module and maybe couple more.
From what I understand this type of special backup marked as hot spare, makes a backup of the main server, copies it over to the hot spare one and restores it so both servers have the same config.
Also I guess I need to purchase the endpoint manager module twice, one per server.
Will restoring of the backup on the hot spare server affect the licensing of the endpoint manger?
It won’t restore the licensing information from the main server to the hot spare one?

Each server has its own deployment id and that is not transferred on backup/restore

So they licensing of each commercial module is fixed with this deployment id? In this case what happens if the server fails and needs re-installation? Again, if I remember correctly I can use two more times the same deployment id so I guess I am covered for these two cases. What happens to the commercial modules license if the server fails a third or more times, do I loose the license? Well there will never be such a chance but just wondering how the licensing scheme works.

No. If you need more than the two self serve resets, you can request a reset with a support ticket.

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Thank you for the clarification.

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