Hot Desking

It is a feature of FreePBX or Asterisk. If FreePBX, where can I find info to make it work? I am currently using Asterisk 11

Its part of using End Point Manager along with Phone Apps and supported phones.

It does support Grandstream telephones? Would it be a feature of a call center log-in procedure?

I am using grsndstream phones. Will it work with t8?

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So Phone apps don’t support anything other then phones listed in this wiki page?
No Snom or Grandstream? :confused:

Phone apps are supported on the devices listed at:

That’s unfortunate.

Thanks for the info.

If you would like a model or phone added you may open a feature request at . If you would like a quote for custom development you can always contact our sales folks.

Ah that is actually great idea.
I will make a request.
Thank you for the advice, much appreciated.