Hot desking - Endpoint manager

Hi Guys,
Iam starting this thread for a better understanding to this feature , my first question is the following :
In order to use Sangoma Phone for Hot Desking , Endpoint Manager need to be enabled and this is a commercial modules , I am correct ?
I am building a call center with freepbx - Agent will set as free seating , i read that Hot Desking will allow such configuration , for agent adding in queues is this will be per agent login, extension number or agent name ?
Looking forward to your reply .

Thanks !

What make and model of phones do you plan on using?

Sangoma s 500 .

Thanks !

The S500 does support hotdesking with commercial modules, Endpoint Manager and Phone Apps. When configured, users can provision a phone to their extension number by logging in using their VM pin and then logout again.

Indeed , can see that - I think i am clear on that point.

Thanks !

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