Hot-Desk Solutions

We currently utilize Asterisk 1.8.7 and FreePBX in conjunction with Aastra 6757i SIP phones. The agents in our environment frequently move to different workspaces and have a need for their extension to follow them. Due to this need to, “Hot-Desk”, we are operating in User and Device mode. When an Agent starts work at a new location they must first login to use the phone system by dialing *11, enter their extension, enter their password and hang up. When the Agent needs to move to a new location they must logout of the phone system, by dialing *12 and hanging up. The concept of logging into, and logging out of, the phone system is cumbersome and time consuming. Agents frequently forget to login and logout of the phone system. Time is wasted locating agents and asking them to log into the phone system. We need to find a solution that allows the agents to easily, “Hot-Desk”, yet does not encumber the user with an additional system to log into and out of. Does anybody know of any solutions that allow a user to, “Hot-Desk”, but does not require them to use the Aastra phone to login and log out.

I’d suggest using the Aastra XML login/logout feature to move extensions around. If the agent logs out upon leaving a desk it will force the next user to login before using any of the functionality of the phone.

Thank you for your response. I have looked into the Aastra XML login/logout feature. It is true that if an agent logs out upon leaving a desk the next user will be forced to login, however, it does not eliminate logging into and out of phone system all together. Management has asked me for some different solutions to eliminate the login/logout procedure. Other phone systems have Windows applications that launch as soon as a user logs in, which also log them into the phone system. Is anything like that available for Asterisk?

Most probably the Agent will have a pc that they need to logs in to. If you can use softphone I think CounterPath has a great solution for this.