Hosting FreePBX as a business service?


I am considering offering FreePBX hosting services. I want to know whether this can be done or I need to have special authorization from the software creators before start doing it.

My intention is to offer the server(s) pre-loaded with the latest stock version of FreePBX and basically make money out of the server resources used (CPU, bandwidth etc). I read the ToS that do not permit software modification however I am not interested in doing any modification anyway. The customers will be managing the servers and it will up to them what to do, which sip provider to use and possibly get a support contract from Schmooze if they need it.

Will this be OK?
Your feedback is much appreciated.
Thank you.

FreePBX® is a registered trademark. If you would like to discuss with us a Custom Licensing Agreement, that allows proper use of the FreePBX trademark, then please contact us.

Hi Preston,

Thank you for your email. I am aware of trademark registration. I am not interested in modifying anything in order to claim it as “my product”. Of course not and this is exactly why I mentioned that stock version will be installed in the servers. Of course in a website that will be adverting this hosting service your Trademark should be there in order to indicate which software will be installed in the rented server and obviously all trademark owners will be properly/respectively mentioned. In any case I will not be making money out of your product but only out of my rented server/bandwidth resources.
Does this require special permission and hence fees payable to your company? If yes, then it might not be a viable business scenario to start with.

Please advise briefly here as others might benefit from this post as well. Depending on your answer I will consider my options and possibly get in touch.

Thank you

Take this page as an example. Is a license required? If so, and the details are not proprietary, could you please state whether it’s per site, per server, or per user, and give sample pricing?

Yes to use the FreePBX trademark a license agreement must be in place. The same is true with Digium for the use of Asterisk.

A good example is your link above about RentPBX they have a license agreement with us along with lots of other companies to use the FreePBX trademark.

As far as the terms of the license they are taken case by case so you would need to contact sales