Hosting a LAN with WiFi Connection - rasPBX

Hi All,

I have configured a rasPBX distro and have it working with wired LAN access

After some trial and tribulation. I did configure the rasPBX distro to get a wifi connection.

I want to use the wifi connection to host a LAN so I can connect a hardphone.I ran an ethernet cable from the PI to a switch and connected a phone… But this won’t work. I am trying to make a portable rasPBX demo that can be set up to run quickly off of a clients wifi service.

I have tried some of Meltwater2000’s suggestions found here… but no luck

Thanks if anyone can provide advice on how to do this.


Well I found a work around… But not quite what I wanted…

I shared my windows 7 laptopo wireless connection with other computers with ICS Internet Connection Sharing… which there are lots of hits for how to do…

Pretty amazing. the sound quality is better than I expected

Still, I would not like to have a laptop around of possible and need to set up a LAN connected to a wireless RasPBX