Hosted PBX

Hi - I am thinking of moving a client with 15 users and 6-8 concurrent call paths to the cloud. I can setup FreePBX myself if necessary.

I am seeking the communities input on cloud provider and the sip trunk provider.

I also assume that I can setup a phone anywhere in the US and connect to the hosted PBX instance. Any input and suggestion appreciated.

There are many ways to skin a cat… You could use something like

There is a lot of information about DIY stuff out there but the cyberlink solution listed “just works” and I believe it comes with some perks in the way of commercial modules.

I just read on here by someone being frustrated by call quality with CyberLynk and wanting other options. I’ll keep looking or seek more input. Thanks.

Like @jfinstrom said many ways to do this.

His company, Clearly IP, has a cloud based system that might fit your bill. Then there is this AWS instance of FreePBX AWS Marketplace: FreePBX ® for EC2, Supporting Commercial Modules that’s provided and supported by @billsimon.

If you keep googling there are options for Digital Ocean or Vultr as well.

Or you could try and roll your own.

For SIP providers, again plenty of choices. Sangoma has their own caleld SIPStation, there is Vitelity, there is Twilio and many others. Not sure that you could go wrong with any of them.

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+1 this is a way to make something that could be alot of added work, simple and easy. Great experience.

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