Hosted on Vultr and have to restart the system manually almost monthly. Dont know why?

I have my system hosted on vultr since 2017 and I have to login to vultr and do a server restart.
This usually happens overnight and the phones in the office are dead in the morning. If i restart thru vultr or thru the freepbx gui everything goes back to normal.

I dont know where to look to find out why this keeps happening.

any help would be appreciated…


what’s your version of FreePBX?

v13 and v14 are officially end of life. You should look at upgrading to a supported version.

That being said, I have many servers in Vultr and have never had an issue like this. It sounds specific to your setup in some way.

Thank you. I will look into upgrading.

If the problem still occurs, you may want to change the server type or location. One of our instances was locking up, and support basically said that they were aware that their AMD servers are really popular and often oversold, so they suggested switching to Intel.

I have seen systems with years of uptime and systems that have to be rebooted every other day. Why? Who knows. As hardware and other things have improved it is less common. Some old timers still schedule reboots just because. You could consider a weekly reboot and in theory if your uptime is typically a month this would fix the issue with no other effort.

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How would i schedule a reboot?

p.s. Im a customer of clearlyip

To create a cron job to reboot your system every Sunday at 8 PM, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal or SSH into your server.

  2. To edit the crontab file for your user, you can use the crontab command. Type the following command to open the crontab file:

    crontab -e
  3. This will open the crontab file in the default text editor (usually vi or nano). You can choose your preferred text editor. Here’s an example using nano:

    export VISUAL=nano; crontab -e
  4. Add the following line to the crontab file to schedule the reboot every Sunday at 8 PM (20:00):

    0 20 * * 0 /sbin/reboot

    In this line:

    • 0 in the first field represents minutes.
    • 20 in the second field represents hours (8 PM).
    • * in the third field represents any day of the month.
    • * in the fourth field represents any month.
    • 0 in the fifth field represents Sunday (0 or 7 can be used interchangeably for Sunday).
  5. Save and exit the text editor.

  6. The cron job is now set to reboot your system every Sunday at 8 PM.

Make sure to double-check the schedule to ensure it aligns with your server’s timezone, and test the reboot to confirm that it works as expected.

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Thank you I will give this a try.

As well as upgrading from version 13.

I’ve got exactly the same issue with the latest FreePBX distro on Vultr.
I think it’s usually when an update occured automatically.
I never put my hands on this issue to be honnest because, it’s only a test server.

One day, I will try to fixe it if I’ve got some free times.

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