Hosted FreePBX now and Need Help with Polycome IP550 Remote Config

Not sure what else I need to do but I am working with a hosted FreePBX system now. I have been using a local server for the past 2 years so I understand setting up softphones for remote use. Now that we are using the hosted FreePBX I am guessing that the Polycoms in the office are going to be considered REMOTE since the server is off-site now. I use to just be able to enter the ext number and MAC and choose a template and the Polycom would configure fine. Now I have to log in to the phone through its IP and add the server and the port and extension and name and password. The EPM Templates seem worthless now cause the phone is not picking up the Line Key buttons for the different queues within FreePBX. I can log into the phone and change them manually but I am looking at over 200 phones to do. Anything I need to set up differently because the system is now hosted to get the EPM Templates to catch? The rest of the system works fine! Queues work by logging in with *45 ect…

not sure what the problem is. create a template for the polycoms that use the external address of the pbx and then apply that template to all the polycom’s. i also recommend using ftp as the protocol for loading the phones. you can either then manually enter the server ip and user id/password into the phone to provision it, or if you have both tftp and ftp enabled on the server, set up your local dhcp server to serve option 66 with your phone server external ip address. this will cause the phones to grab the config file and will then switch to ftp. once this is done, it will use ftp for all reboots and you can disable tftp if you want (generally a good idea).
make sure that you setup the firewall on the pbx to allow ftp (and tftp) from your office.
we know that loading the complete config via tfpt is a problem with polycom in particular.

the alternative to all this is to create a site to site vpn from your office to the pbx and let the phones continue to connect as local.