Hospital Room VoIP Phone

I have looked through about 200 phones and only found 1 that comes close to what I need but its Analog only. I need 110 of these phones total.

I am looking for a phone with decent sized buttons, a red emergency button on it and thats about it. Does anyone know of anything that is a VoIP phone. I guess if it has to be analog does anyone have an idea on what i would use to connect 110 analog phones to a PBXact UC 300?

You might want to look through

They have what you want but they don’t do VOIP (for obvious reasons)

I would use “channel banks” , particularly Adit 600’s they are cheap as sh*t for 200 phones you will need 8 x T1’s, alternatives would be Carrier Access , Xorcom, and a plethora of other , SIP gateways are expensive, if you use TDM hardware then double up your servers and go HA .(that pretty well leaves you with Xorcom)

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I would recommend Sangoma Enterprise Vega Gateways. The 50 port FXS is the Vega 3000 and is used by hotels and hospitals all over the world and works great with FreePBX and PBXact and of course fully supported by Sangoma.

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If I’m not offending the forum rules, here are a link to Akuvox R15 which designed exactly for the purpose of your project. Take a look


You hit the nail directly on the head. This is perfect!!


Check out they have a line of hospital phones (both analog and VOIP) that I ran across the other day… they’ve also got a related website (that I can’t recall right now) that makes hotel/hospitality phones.


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