Horribly slow GUI

We just upgraded FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-19 to 10.13.66-6 and while things are working ok, the new GUI feels horribly sluggish and slow. Every page load is 10 times slower than before. Has anyone else noticed this and is there any way to speed this up?

Haven’t noticed it on any dev or vm machines we have running. It’s fine on client machines as well

OK. Thanks. Back to the drawing board.

Please update all modules and try again. let us know

We also had this problem. It had something to do with the new firewall module. Don’t ask me why or what, we still don’t know.
Uninstalling didn’t help, but disabeling the firewall module solved it for us, after we disabled all firewall module parts…

We had the same problem: check the DNS settings.
Do not use the router or an internal DNS server address in the PBX as DNS servers.
We now always set, and in the list and all is hunky dory.
Yes, as first DNS server because FreePBX runs a very good DNS caching daemon itself.

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I had this same problem, the issue was the PBX computer itself wasn’t powerful enough. The memory requirements are much higher than they used to be, once I upgraded my virtual box memory from 1GB to 2GB it was all back to normal again.