Horizontal Soft Keys

Hi All

I’m having a few issues being able to provision the Horizontal Soft keys are per my requirements, however I’m not 100% sure that both EPM and myself are talking the same language.

The following is the list of Horizontal Soft Key options that are available within EPM, with my description of when I think they shoul be presented on the phone:

Idle- When the phone is at the default screen, idle.
Dialing- When you take the phone offhook to dial a number
Connecting- When the call is ringing; but is yet to be answered
Semi Attend Transfer-
Ring Back-
Attend Trans Back-
Call Failed-
Active Call- when phone is ringing
Talk- When a call is in progress
Hold- when you have a caller on hold
PreTrans- When you press the transfer button from the Talk menu…

Could someone please confirm my assumptions are correct, or otherwise?