Home users (on vpn) cannot login to queues with Zulu


The essence of the problem is this:

Remote vpn users can’t seem to use *45 nor *46 to login and pause, unpause from queues. They hear nothing when typing these feature codes in.

Local users (in the office) are fine. They get the “You are logged in/off” message.

What can I check apart from that the right ports are open on the office firewall? Can I do a tcpdump on the server’s external interface?

Running PBXact

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Can you confirm that your home Zulu users are able to make calls generally? Is it only the *4x codes that are not working?

Just had confirmation than everything for remote users seems to fail. They cannot call office extensions neither can they call external numbers.

I assume there are some logs that might help me?

Does the call appear to work, but the audio fail? If so, it could be that your vpn IP subnets are not listed as local networks in Settings -> Asterisk SIP Settings.

Logs are in /var/log/asterisk

Thanks for your help. As with most issues when I speak to the agent with the problem it no longer occurs! Will bear that in mind if it happens again.

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