Hold time announcement

Hi. I have a call center on asterisk 11v. I use a queue with holdtime = yes. and announce-frequency=15. That works, I mean I hear hold time announcement but only after 1 minute. During the first 1 minute, there is only ‘thank you’ audio and after a minute there are also hold time announcements. I want it to be in the first 1 minute too. What can I do about that?


; -------- Announcement Control --------
; announces caller’s hold time and position every 30 seconds
; minimum amount of time that must pass before the caller’s position is announced
periodic-announce-frequency=45 ; defines how often to play a periodic announcement to caller
random-periodic-announce=no ; defines whether to play periodic announcements in a random order, or serially
relative-periodic-announce=yes ; defines whether the timer starts at the end of file playback (yes) or the beginning (no)
announce-holdtime=once ; defines whether the estimated hold time should be played along with the periodic announcement
announce-position=limit ; defines if we should announce the caller’s position in the queue
announce-position-limit=10 ; defines the limit value where we announce the caller’s position (when announce-position is set to limit or more)
announce-round-seconds=30 ; rounds the hold time announcement to the nearest 30-second value

Thank you, but as I mentioned the system doesn’t say about hold time, but only thank you within the first one minute and I want it to be in every 30 minutes including during the first one minute, can I do that???

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