Hold music

can you dial something on the phones to listen to the hold music.

If you are calling a treatment that plays hold music (like a queue). You could also call someone and have them put you on hold, or you can listen from the GUI in the browser by playing the MOH files.

i need the phone to stay functional. Old system you could press *59 and it would just play hold music out the speaker and the phone would work as normal.

Yeah - no.

You can simulate that by taking one of your line buttons/channels and connecting it to an “extension” that plays on-hold music, and letting the other stay on-line and ring. Because of the way SIP works, I don’t think the old Panasonic “music over the intercom” thing is possible with SIP directly.


You can also press your Park button with no caller on the line. It will play your hold music

Could you not create a call queue with no agents, allow join empty. Just ensure the Music on Hold Class is “MoH Only”

Or, instead of doing that, just press 70 (park) and it will play the stream

All of our suggestions involve tying up a line. I’m pretty sure he’s looking the Panasonic “Play music over the 'underchin; speaker” feature, which SIP can’t really do.

If you are looking to just hear the hold music and the phone must remain “open”, the best idea I can think of is reviewing the MOH files in the Settings>Music on hold section of the GUI. You should be able top play them from the browser.

If that doesn’t work, you can grab and play the physical files on your desktop(s). File location:

Sounds like what you’re really after is Background Music. This was a feature on many of the legacy PBX. Had a similar situation with an old Nortel system. The workaround that I’ve done for now is to simply create a queue (Background music) and have it so it never hangs up and no agents. I then program a button with a speed dial to the queue. The downside is that this will eat up a SIP channel, as stated above.

One thought is to look into some type of multicasting, which would bypass SIP. The Sangoma phones do have the capability to receive multicast packets. What I’m unsure of is if you can prioritize multiple stream or make phone calls barge on a multicast stream. Ideally, a Background Music solution would look something like this, provided the phones would support it:

  • Setup a multicast music source

  • Program a button on the phone to listen to a Multicast address (ie, some way you could toggle the phone from listening/playing that multicast)

  • Be able to define the multicast that it takes a lower priority or that phone calls will override or barge in on the multicast.

Anyone have some ideas on how to make this happen on Sangoma phones? I know the phones themselves can send a multicast, the question is if you can add and remove multicast streams from the phones, without having to reboot.

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