Historical Concurrent Calls Reporting for Trunk Utilization

Is there any way for FreePBX to report the number of concurrent calls? I’m getting asked this specifically in the context of trunk utilization - my sites are asking if they need to be paying for the number of SIP channels that they have, or if they can reduce their service to save costs without impact.

Edit: SIP service at all of our sites is billed by the number of channels. Or sites aren’t interested in per usage billing because they want a predictable bill every month, even though most months they would probably save money.

There used to be a Concurrent Calls module in Elastix (the FreePBX side of Elastix) that provided that information in the form of a graph. I struggled sometimes to get accurate information out of it.

This will need to be something you need to program in to the system. FreePBX/Asterisk can give you real time information such as active calls, active channels, etc. chan_pjsip will track how many active channels are associated to an endpoint.

To know that endpoint X had Y concurrent calls at Z time/date is something you’re going to have to track on your own.