Hints not working for zap channels

All of my zap extensions show “unavailable” when they are on-hook.
This correctly show when ringing or off-hook, but go back on-hook and they go back to “unavailable”.

This used to work, but around a year ago it suddenly stopped working, and I’ve tried off and on to figure out what’s wrong. No luck so far.

exten => 201,hint,Zap/1

[email protected]           : Zap/1                 State:Unavailable     Watchers  1

I’m running Asterisk 1.4.26.
FreePBX 2.5.2.

Any clues?

I updated my system to Freepbx 2.7 Final.

Still no hints on zap channels.

Seems to be an asterisk thing.


Yup. That’s it exactly. I’m not crazy about that fix. I hope they find the problem and fix it correctly. Oh well, could be worse.