Is there a way to use highlight-to-call on FreePBX ?

I would like to highlight a phonenumber in any application like Word or Excel, then press a button or do a middle mouse click to have my phone dial that number.

I use FOP2 with the browser plugin but that only detects phonenumbers within the browser.

Gr. Bart.

Originally (long ago in a galaxy far away) zulu had a browser plugin and an outlook plugin for this. It still might. That said there is no native way to do this you have to have some sort of script or application.

On osx for example I can do quite a lot with automator and some fancy scripting.

Short answer I guess is yes you can, but you will either need a product like a softphone that supports it OR you will need to write something.




This has nothing to do with FreePBX directly.

Specifically, the answer is no you cannot “highlight anywhere” and call with anything short of a native application for the OS in question.

I’ve never heard of one, but that do snot mean it does not exist.

If you find one, it will then need to have some kind of configuration to connect to a phone service. Anything designed to highlight to call, will all but certainly support SIP calling. So you should be able to make it work.

Good luck.

I believe that setting this up in AutoHotKey is pretty easy. The script can send a Ctrl-C to put the number on the clipboard and from there copy it to a variable and pass it to the click-to-call app.

https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/ can likely also do the job, though I’m not familiar with the details.

Or, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to run a ‘regular’ script, which you would write in Python / PHP / Perl / pick-your-poison.

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