High traffic on FreePBX?

I have a FreePBX instance on a VM. There are between three to four phones permanently connected. The traffic of one month in the management console of my VM host is about 500 GB.

Is that normal?

It looks high, try installing


and see if you recognize all the traffic

I already did and checked yesterday night and - nothing. As you can see in the network graph for one week the traffic seems to appear only during day time, but there is working nobody at the weekend.

                                        191Mb                                    381Mb                                    572Mb                                    763Mb                               954Mb
pbx.example.com                                                                           => office2.example.de                                                          7,74Mb  8,76Mb  5,09Mb
                                                                                         <=                                                                                          77,3Kb  70,0Kb  70,4Kb
pbx.example.com                                                                           => office1.example.de                                                                         6,12Kb  5,55Kb  5,55Kb
                                                                                         <=                                                                                           464b    362b    402b
pbx.example.com                                                                           => p4FE8F756.dip0.t-ipconnect.de                                                               0b    756b    222b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b   1,07Kb   323b
pbx.example.com                                                                           => ns2-coloc.hetzner.net                                                                    1,41Kb   578b    901b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                          2,75Kb  1,08Kb  1,47Kb
pbx.example.com                                                                           => 50-69-162-69.static.reverse.lstn.net                                                        0b    461b    136b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b    572b    168b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                            2,02Kb   414b    122b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                          2,82Kb   578b    170b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                            1,92Kb   393b    116b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                          1,61Kb   329b     97b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                              0b    141b     41b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b     32b      9b
pbx.example.com                                                                           => 46-118-122-254.broadband.kyivstar.net                                                       0b     64b     19b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b     83b     24b
pbx.example.com                                                                           => static.vnpt.vn                                                                            320b     64b     19b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                           416b     83b     24b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                              0b    106b     41b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b      0b      9b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                            176b     70b     52b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b      0b      9b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                              176b     70b     52b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b      0b      9b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                                0b     70b     41b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b      0b      9b
pbx.example.com                                                                           => a104-113-19-58.deploy.static.akamaitechnologies.com                                       160b     32b      9b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                           176b     35b     10b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                               0b     32b      9b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b     35b     10b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                             176b     35b     62b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b      0b      9b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                                0b     35b     52b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b	0b      9b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                             0b     35b     41b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b	0b      9b
pbx.example.com                                                                           => vmi220481.contaboserver.net                                                                 0b      0b   1,28Kb
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b	0b    257b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                               0b      0b    891b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b	0b    316b
pbx.example.com                                                                           =>                                                                              0b      0b    538b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b	0b    283b
pbx.example.com                                                                           => ns1-coloc.hetzner.de                                                                        0b      0b    264b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b	0b    257b
pbx.example.com                                                                           => ns3-coloc.hetzner.com                                                                       0b      0b    240b
                                                                                         <=                                                                                             0b	0b    223b

TX:             cum:   21,7MB   peak:	19,1Mb                                                                                                                              rates:   7,75Mb  8,76Mb  5,10Mb
RX:                     320KB            108Kb                                                                                                                                       85,5Kb  74,2Kb  75,3Kb
TOTAL:                 22,0MB           19,1Mb                                                                                                                                       7,83Mb  8,84Mb  5,18Mb

Fortunately or unfortunately I recognize the host with the most traffic (office2). There is exactly one Snom 370 phone registered. The router traffic stats acknowledge the the traffic from the pbx:

So there seems to be a misconfiguration of this phone. If I deactivate the idendity the whole traffic disappears. After activating it again everything is fine and there is no suspicious traffic. But for sure it will be in a couple of hours because this happens since month :frowning:

Any ideas what could be the reason why this phone is downloading so much?

havng identified the source, you have the IP , so

tcpdump host PHONEIP . . . .

then wireshark it to see what protocol the trafficis on

There are tons of messages like this:

\ΓƒrΓ„PΓ™NOTIFY sip:[email protected]:1024;line=04mqtbrq SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 116.202.xxx.yyy:5060;rport;branch=z9hG4bKPj74c4e54e-18be-4409-8771-b8e1e02dccbc
From: <sip:[email protected]>;tag=f7acdf46-826f-4a6f-8cfd-fac6b7e28b93
To: <sip:[email protected];line=04mqtbrq>
Contact: <sip:[email protected]:5060>
Call-ID: 9a9ca26f-5822-4527-ba9e-0a75c327803f
CSeq: 44621 NOTIFY
Subscription-State: terminated
Event: message-summary
Allow-Events: presence, dialog, message-summary, refer
Max-Forwards: 70
User-Agent: FPBX-
Content-Type: application/simple-message-summary
Content-Length:    48

Messages-Waiting: no
Voice-Message: 0/0 (0/0)

Is the whole traffic only about the MWI ?
It seems that more than 300 MWI notifications per second to one client is a bit to much or am I wrong?

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