High Quality please-enter-your-extension-then-press-pound.g722

Anybody know where I can find it? The please-enter-your-extension-then-press-pound.slin sounds really muddy when you are using G.722 to login - it’s a little thing, but it sounds bad.

Asterisk will translate at a small cost sln to g722 but you can get those g722 files directly from


No, I looked there first - that specific recording is not in there - I am guessing it’s a FreePBX Only recording?

It’s not in Core or in Extra.

Is it not a concatenation of several other files ? If not you would be able to use sox the play ‘please enter your ’ ‘extentin’ ’ and’ ‘then press pound’

(I doubt it will sound better though)

No, it’s a single file, but I bet I can combine the proper files…

Let me play with it.

Ok - That’s even weirder:

After concatenating the files, and using all the source g722 I now have a file that is:

Muddy - Please Enter Your
CLEAN - Extension
Muddy - Then Press Pound

I think the source files are whack - watching the console, it is playing the file I created - it just sounds like crap!

concatenate the sln files, then either with sox or use asterisks’ ‘file convert’ cli function. (they all sound fine to me)

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