High node utilization and UCP Support question [resolved]

High CPU and RAM utilization caused by node /var/www/h, resulting in asterisk failing.
ps aux|grep /var/www/html/admin/modules/ucpnode/node/index.js

Issue went away after disabling ucpnode server, XMPP, CRM, ZULU, iSymphony (I know unrelated), sms, webrtc phone, and user control panel.

I then reinstalled nodejs from yum. I haven’t had any issues since.

Is this something that paid support can assist with? I would like UCP to run. I’m running user and device mode.

Asterisk 13.23.1

I ended up having end users download the files and disabled the ability to play voicemails from the web browser, that resolved the high ram and CPU utilization on node

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