High Availability with Freepbx Distro 14


I need to configure a high availability scenario with Freepbx Distro 14. I need to buy some commercial modules like endpoint manager. There is any tip or issue configuring Pacemaker and DRBD in this scenario? I’ll install commercial modules in both servers and then we’ll sincronize them with DRBD. It will work?
Will there be any problem upgrading the system from freepbx web?

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I don’t think FreePBX 14 (SNG7) supports HA at the moment. They did say it will be support, but its not at the moment. I think they are planing it for FreePBX 15.

The “warm spare” setup we’ve described here many times is as good an alternative as you’re going to find right now. With a little creative scripting, you can even set up “not too high” availability, where your system goes down and the second site is brought up through a series of planned steps. It isn’t as robust or fast as HA, but it’s a start.

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Thanks for the quick answer, but I need a full automatic solution as I can configure with Freepbx+Pacemaker+DRBD. I’ll try to adapt it to two Freepbx Distro and see what happens. I only asked for some tips before I’ll test it in my lab.


It will work just fine


Might be a good place to start as to OS specific corosync/pacemaker setups there are also alternatives to DRDB that you might want to explore, definitely consider a three node system as its harder to split three :wink: and your quora will be much more robust. The third node can be minimal as it doesnt need to run services or storage.

I already know clusterlabas software, I’ve been using it for many years with Asterisk and Freepbx. My doubt is about how commercial modules, and distro deployment ID accepts DRBD file synchronization.

Sorry, i dont use any commercial modules, ( I dont even have any HA machines anymore either). But anecdotally I remember a discussion here when the HA module was available and worked, that firmly stated that HA required also two of everything else also, which is an interesting marketing strategy and I would have thought would be a hard sell. (True we can only guess that the HA module was really just a rehash of one of the open source recipes based on drbd and corosync floating around the web at the time.)

Yes, It’s mandatory to buy a commercial module per server. The commercial HA module (1500$ per server) doesn’t work with last Freepbx Distro version :man_shrugging:

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There is an option for HA Clustering in FreePBX 14. AWS FreePBX from TheWebMachine Networks offers such a solution. We leverage AWS services (RDS/EFS) and our own custom code in place of DRBD/Pacemaker/Corosync…and we don’t charge $1500 per node in HA licensing (you must still buy two sets of Commercial Modules, one for each node/FreePBX Deployment ID). Our HA solution is so robust, a cluster can be completely recovered even if you fully terminated/crashed both of the FreePBX nodes. Free 24/7 one-on-one email support is available to all AWS FreePBX Subscribers. We are an official Sangoma Software Development Partner.


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