High availability module

Is it possible to fix High availability module in lastest freepbx 15, are there any other ways to do it?

No, unfortunately the High Availability module does not work with FreePBX 15 (or FreePBX 14 for that matter).

Will it ever, or has the the development of HA in FreePBX 15 been dropped?

Was the development dropped?

No answer is also an answer.

Sangoma is a publicly traded company, so we have to be careful about making forward-looking statements. That’s my only hesitation in responding quickly to your response.

That being said, I think I can safely say that we continue to work on features that will help making FreePBX more highly available and more robust to failure. Once the engineering work is done, I will be talking more about that on the FreePBX blog and here in the forums.


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