High Availability and other commercial modules

When using High Availability for two servers and wanting to purchase other commercial modules, do I have to buy two licenses for each additional commercial module?

Does anyone know that?

Yes, you will need a license for each server. You also have to purchase 2 licenses for the HA module, one for each server.

Does HA require a whole new install of freepbx distro or can it just be added to an existing system?

There is a wiki that explains much of this.


However, to answer your question. You have to select an HA options on install so it can’t just be added to an existing system.

Thank you.
I wasn’t sure because on my FreePBX GUI without having HA selected on install, I can still click on the High Availability link where I am given an option to purchase. This makes me think that I can add it to an existing system.
As this is somewhat confusing, you could mention in below menu that when adding HA, a new install is required.

Also when selecting HA upon install, do I need a license key for HA right away for freePBX to be installed and to work at all?