Hide numbers being typed on phone

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how I can hide the numbers I am typing in from being displayed. For instance my office uses PIN Sets and I would like for an entered pin to be displayed as **** so that an observer would have a hard time seeing the pin.

How can we possibly help you? You have not even told us what brand and model of phone you are using.

My apologies, the phone is a Yealink T22 and it is connected to a Xorcom PBX running CompletePBX.

Thank you.

This is a FreePBX forum. Not sure you will find much help with your CompletePBX here. Perhaps Xorcom can help you. Have you contacted them?

See link below for changing the PIN being entered to asterisks. There are limitations but this will suit me fine. Also, Xorcom’s CompletePBX uses FreePBX…