Hide INBOUND CallerID from Queue/Agents but keep in CDR Records


I was asked a fairly simple request, but I’m not sure if its possible. We would like to hide the Inbound CallerID from agents/queue but retain the CDR info for recrods. The reason being we have sales agents who are skipping calls with certain prefix’s waiting for other calls in the queue.

Is this possible?

Thank you for your time and knowledge!

Depends on your phones.
At one client I simply prepended the caller ID with 20 or so spaces.
Here is the actual CID name prefix value from that system. The final period here added for web view ability…

Parts Queue:                                                 .
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If the spaces thing doesn’t work in your phones, replace it with something else that does, like a dash, an underscore, or a big black square.

When the CSRs ask “Why are these there?” you can use it as a teaching moment to let people know that some of their coworkers are jerks.

So you are saying to make the CID in SetCID something like this :slight_smile:

CallerID Name:__________________________________________BA-${CALLERID(name)}

From what I can tell, that just makes the Display super long, we use FOP and SoftPhones, and it was def still showing CID. I don’t really wana hack this through, lol, if its not possible w/o Hacking, we may just have to deal.

Route calls through the Set Caller ID module, and set a CallerID number to whatever you want before sending on to the destination. You could discard some of the CID number and keep the final 4 digits with this:


I’m not sure if I have given enough information, or been clear.

We already use the Set CallerID and we prefix the CID w/ a 2 letter prefix.


The number isn’t what is stoping them from answering calls, its actually the prefix, they know that AB is a 500$ commercial, where as CD is a facebook lead etc. But, we use the prefix for data mining, so we need to keep it.

Do you have a people problem not a technological problems. Fire them

That was not a very helpful answer. But thank you. I am not looking for management Advice.

A CallerID name prefix exists for the express purpose of alerting your users. I don’t know how your ‘data mining’ works, but it is more conventional to use the ‘account code’ column of the CDR for this purpose.

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To amplify: Account Code only appears in your CDR records, so it is hidden from people that do not need to see it. It sounds like you are exposing valuable financial information to agents without a fiduciary interest in your enterprise. I hope you aren’t in a business that works with other people’s money. That could be a serious SEC violation.

HI to everyone… I have foiund this old topic, but it is the same request I have received from 2 different Customers.

They need to hide INBOUND CALLERID to agents, because they need to preserve the identity of the customers (Adults HotLines and Fortune Telling Phone Services), and above all they do not want the agent to see the incoming callerid to avoid the agent from picking up the number and contact the customer from it’s own phone… causing a money loss to the customer.

Does anyone find a solution?

Prepending SPACES or DASHES as mentioned above is not a solution because all agents are using SOFTPHONES, so they will always see the number even if prepend with 200 spaces…

There is a “SetCallerID” function that you can use if you are passing the call through a series of inbound steps. There is also the method used to normalize the Caller IDs on inbound calls using an incoming context. Start with the “from-pstn-e164-us” as a guide and you can hide/obfuscate/erase the inbound Caller ID at will.

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