Hide callerID based on Prefix

In the UK,

On mobiles and landlines, if you dial 141 before calls it hides caller ID.

I want to implement this on my pbx, but my sip trunk does not allow me to dial calls with 141 infront of them.

can I set up a command so when my caller dials 141 before a call it hides caller ID?
(private number)

Sure. Set up an outbound route with a ‘141’ prefix and set the route to override the outbound caller ID.

Note that if your provider is already being sketchy about you send out for CID, not sending one may end up not working as well. You may be required to send a valid CID, or the provider could (for example) set one for you.



what i did was I created an outbound route with the 141 prefix to be removed

and set callerID to Hidden and (Force)

it worked fine, my provider is happy to have hidden CID passed to them.