Here's something I would pay for

SonicWALL has a new feature in the current generation of firewalls - Cloud Backup (automatic) of Settings.

Here is how it works:

  1. Turn it on and however often you want, the running config of the SonicWALL is copied to their cloud.
  2. Your SonicWALL fails - They send you a replacement.
  3. You plug it in, give it the minimal config to get out to the net, and it downloads your latest config to the Device.
  4. You are back in business.

How can FreePBX do this? Very similar to the Migration script - but you HAVE to get everything! (I am looking at you EPM…)

That would be such a fabulous recovery method - Your PBX dies, you spin up a replacement, tell it to get the backup from the cloud and BANG - Back in business.

Right now the Backup function works Ok - But the backups it generates are TOO BIG - Because it sucks up the Firmwares, Recordings and other cruft - for recovery purposes, I would be happy with all the settings, trunks, SIP Settings, basically everything that would get the machine working. I can Re-Download the firmwares and if they HAVE to have the recordings, I can work up a script to move those off locally.

And the dailes (weeklies?) could be a delta - It shouldn’t push everything every time.

Anybody interested?

I would look at

backup onsite/offsite/cloud whatever, it’s all deltas, just choose your schedule.

Hang tight. FreePBX 15 new backup system solves the whole restores from old versions and allows the backups to be as small or large as you want depending what you backup such as recordings or voicemails. Now that work is done you will see a cool service coming from us in the future for a cloud backup service that makes all the backup and restore so simple. We can do things like when you activate with existing deployment ID we can look and see you have backups in our cloud and pick from a list to restore from.


Right on! I haven’t had to restore from backup in a while (better servers - and switching to VM’s) but it would be great for assurance!

I will keep watching for it…

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