Help with understanding what my ITSP wants for a P2P connection to their trunk

Hello everybody,

First, let me clarify that topic: Yes, I’m fully aware that my ITSP should be answering the following question, but they are a bit uncommunicative at this moment. I’m working on that. Until then, I’ll appreciate your help with the following scenario:

I’m currently have an internet connection using that ITSP (which is also my ISP) that is arranged in this way:
ISP gateway → PfSense → Switch → Vlans. I get a public IP from them and nothing more, at this moment.

FreePBX is currently connected to one of the Vlans, having an internal IP of Everything works just as fine (Internally, obviously, as there is no trunk yet, currently testing).

I’ve asked them for a SIP trunk, for which they gave me only this info: “Set your PBX IP to” - Am I correct to assume that I’m missing some critical info here? I mean, it’s a /32, only a single address, and what about gateway, etc?

I am trying to get a hold of them, but I wanted to make sure I’m not making a fool out of myself - There is some key info missing here that should have been provided by them, other than that single private IP, right?

Anyway, that’s it for today… Thanks a lot. Appreciate your help.

It sounds like you’re on the right track with your understanding. Indeed, the information provided seems incomplete for setting up a SIP trunk properly. Typically, when configuring a SIP trunk, you would expect to receive more information than just the IP address of the PBX endpoint.

Yep… Hours after posting that, they have decided to change the provided IP from the private 10.57 to a public one, on a totally different subnet and range then my current, existing, public IP, with, once again, no instructions on how they want me to configure it. I’ve tried so many things, spent hours and days searching and reading manuals, but I eventually gave up and sent them a lengthy email. If they can’t tell/don’t want to tell me how they want me to set up their provided stuff, well so be it, but I have enough migraines without all of that guessing work as it is :expressionless:

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