Help with Trunk Dial Rules and fixlocalprefix?

I’m using freepbx 2.1beta3.

Is it possible to combine removing and adding digits in a single trunk dial rule?

Here is what I need to do to permit conventional dialling:
[list]if a number starts with non-zero, prefix with 00+countrycode+localprefix
If a number starts with ONE zero, remove that zero, then prefix with 00+countrycode
if a number starts with TWO zeroes, dial as is.[/list:u]
Any way to do this without hacking fixlocalprefix?

I’m new to FreePBX, but in the Dial Rule for the trunk you should be able to add a line like 00+“then the number.” Using the the “+” should add the 00 to the number. Also you can remove number by using “|.” Like 9|5551212 would dial 5551212. Put you mouse over the the Dial Rule in the Trunk area and read the notes.

Well yes, I understand how they work, and I know that help text.

My question is, whether it is possible IN ONE RULE to delete AND add digits.

I know that I can either delete OR add digits; somewhere I read that it should be possible to both in one rule, and that’s what I would like information on.

Basically, when someone calls an out-of-area number, in most of Europe you would dial 0 followed by the city code, followed by the subscriber number.

For calling via most VoIP providers I need to (in one rule) strip that leading zero and REPLACE it with 00 followed by the country code.

I believe only in the Trunk you can add the extra numbers…

Don’t strip that leading zero just add the extra zero…