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I’m brand new to using PBXact. My company purchased, from thetelecomspot, a PBXact 40 UC and warm spare along with Sangoma P320 phones. Also the remote install package and year of platinum support.

I’m having a terrible time with support getting the remote install going.They don’t appear to have any clue about what hardware is in our sangoma portal. I can’t send them attachments of information they ask for. They call off hours when times and time zones have already been given. What is going on??

Am I going about this the wrong way? What is the best way to get this remote install done?

Thank you

It is a commercial product you paid for so their way is the only way. Your options are to deal with what they provide or get a refund and try another solution with a company that meets your needs.

Escalate to a service manager or have an independent help you install.

Unfortunately he already prepaid them so that would make him pay twice. I honestly would ride the reseller or get a refund. The thing is this is an example of how the year of platinum support will probably be as well

He didn’t ask about that (not paying twice), he asked about getting the job done. I agree though, if you are not having a good time with the service, it might be worth it to pursue a refund.

@vwalt, have you compared FreePBX to PBXact? The difference is the included commercial modules. If you do not need the included commercial modules, or if you only need a few of them, FreePBX can be the more cost-effective route. You can still buy Sangoma support for FreePBX if you want. There is also a JOBS section of this forum if you need paid support that is more responsive to your instructions.

Commercial Module List:
Module Guides - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (

He has, in hand, PBXact 40 appliance, with warm spare and endpoints. I don’t think this is a great time to try to downsell him. @vwalt , you bought a nice system and perhaps the chief of customer service, @cdolese can help get your installation moving.

Chris is at ITEXPO so probably not checking in here lol. Not that he is here much anyway

Given the context of the conversation, I don’t see how anything I have suggested is a down sell.

ok, what is the point of asking this question to someone who already purchased a system?

If the path (which it probably should be) is to go another route, get a refund, and dump pbxact then many other folks offer FreePBX systems. So not needing to be tied to PBXact may be helpful in a proper resolution.

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Yeah, vwalt, you are going about it the wrong way, you made a basic error here.

You are a customer who needs help with installation. You knew this, apparently, well enough to buy the remote installation package. There’s no shame in knowing your limits.

But where you screwed up is the way you went about buying it.

Amazon is probably the largest market that The Telecom Spot sells in. And going direct to The Telecom Spot’s website shows that clearly they are nothing more than a box-mover. Box-movers are like the Home Depot of plumbing. You don’t go to Home Depot if you have never installed a faucet and you don’t know the difference between them. Instead you go to a corner hardware store with an old guy who will spend 20 minutes explaining the difference and not only sell you the faucet he will sell you the special tool needed to install it. The only people who should be buying anything in Home Depot are contractors who already know what they want or skilled amateurs who have learned what they need from the school of hard knocks.

You should have gone to the Sangoma website, clicked on Partners, and contacted them for a Partner, then bought your system from the Partner and the installation from the Partner.

The best way to get the install done is to find someone willing to do it and pay them to do it. You don’t need to return the phones or the system those will probably work just fine. If you are unfortunate enough to live in some location that does not have a “phone guy” or only has one that works on BrandX and won’t work on yours, well expand the search. This is a small system. Any IT consultant even one who has never touched a phone system before, can probably figure it out.

I would assume the prepaid install is returnable like anything else, and assuming he used his credit card I think his card issuer can explain it the seller. No need to return the system and phones, just the prepaid install.

Thank you all for your replies and input. Sangoma support has reached out and things are moving forward.


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