Help with setup

just installed the FreePBX Distro to my VOIP box and it is not accessible from any computer that isnt on the network…meaning you cant even ping it from the outside therefor no calls will make it through to it…just switched from Trixbox to this and was wondering if anyone knew anything that could be causing this…everythign seems to be setup the same way i had the trixbox set up…so i am @ a loss…plus i am not the greatest linux person

You didn’t tell us anything so I don’t know how anyone would be able to help you.

Do you have a gateway programmed? Can you ping out to the Internet? Is the machine on the same IP address (so your router port forwards are in place)?

It is very bad practice to expose the machine to the Internet. You expose yourself to fraudulent use and other hacking.

it asked me to input the gateway when installing…other than that i did program a gateway…atm it is not behind a firewall…but later steps will be taken to open all those ports…also in my situation it will need have its own ip out on the net so…

As the King of the Sky related, it is not such a good idea to be outside a firewall. Besides, if you can not reach it on the LAN… Where are the phones going to live ? On other LAN’s ?

At any rate, check out SIP Settings. Try the auto config to see if that brings some joy.

i can reach it on the lan but it cant be reached outside the lan…so the calls would never make it to the box…is there an extra step to setting up the gateway other than telling it what the gateway ip is?

If you want to allow connections from remote extensions, you should follow the instructions here: