Help with setting up FreePBX with a landline port from a router

Hi all!
I have a router which exposes a port which used to be connected to a Gigaset base which then connected to a handheld Gigabit phone. I watnted to digitise this, so I decided to buy a H-812 from Grandstream, but the manual mentioned an analog phone which I do not have. How do I connect my router landline port to FreePBX. What hardware do I need.
Any help would be appreciated

Which handbook? Which router?

There is no H-812, but you probably meant the HT812 media gateway that can be used to connect 2 analog devices. I think you want to channel the analog line into a PBX, i.e. you’d need a gateway with 1 or 2 FXO ports. Just guessing, as you have not described what you have and want to do.

Overall, there are likely easier ways to hook up the own pbx.

HT813 can connect FreePBX to the analog port on your router. Possibly, your ISP supports connection by SIP, in which case you won’t need any special hardware.

OK! Thank you all for your answers.

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