Help with registering Cisco SPA 509G phones with Freepbx

Hello, I am trying to set up my Cisco SPA 509G phones with the Freepbx system and I seem to be running into quite a few problems.
I will also try to include as many details as possible.

I have a few of my phones set up with the end point manager and also. They have configuration files set up on there that I have seen in the CLI for the Asterisk server. Besides this, I also have the Attendant Console set to Asterisk server. I have a trunk set up for my provider, but I haven’t inputted my log in information for the trunk in terms of my service provider.

Also, I have extensions set up in the Freepbx and I tried to connect my Cisco SPA 509G phone with a corresponding extension in the Configuration Utility.
My DHCP server option is set to 150 and 66. Besides all of this, I do not know what else to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated for this specific model. I have read several guides and several different pages that seem over my head and I don’t believe this should be as difficult as I am making it.

Does anyone have any advice for this specific problem?