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Hi guys,

Sorry if this is something basic!

But is the queues module a good fit in my situation?

For my work, I have a few SIP phones/soft-phones configured with work extension where clients call from an IVR. When I’m on the phone and a new call comes in, it rings on all devices until the caller leaves a vm.

Can I set the queue to inform me while being on call that new call arrived but for caller it will say something - “you are next in line, please wait or leave a vm”?

When I’m not on call, I don’t want to use queues because I’m not always able to pick up the calls and phones will just ring.

My system is the latest with all current updates, my SIP IP phones: Sangoma S500, Yealink dect and various soft-phones.

Thanks you!!!

Queues Module - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (

Queues Module User Guide - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (

(Read periodic announcements and caller announcments)

Ok thanks for the link. It sounds like I need to focus on a dynamic agents option and caller announcements.
Caller Announcements I get it but how to set that extension auto logs in to queue when in use!? Can this module achieve it?I will read whole wiki about this module later when have more time.

There is static (always signed in) or dynamic (you dial in to login) agents. Anything different would require custom dialplan.

Oof, never did this. Is it in admin\config edit thing? What config file do I need to change, related to that module?

This is a good start if you want to learn about custom dial plan programming:

Yes, it’s on my list to learn dial plan/configs. I just set my 1st queue up using standard settings, will see how this works, I can always roll back my FPBX VM if I need! Thanks everyone for help!

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