Help with Queues

OK I have never used queues before and I have a few questions.

Here is the setup. There are 6 agents. 2 in the morning, 4 in the mid afternoon, and 2 in the evening. There are 4 desks.

I’d like to have separate logins for each agent for statistical purposes. They will most likely be on soft phones at least at first. (Until we’re confident in the PBX vs the Key system)

Do I HAVE to create a ring group with all the agents in it, then make that ring group the static member of the queue? Or is there a way I can make the agents available whenever they’re logged in? I would rather have option 2, but I don’t see any place to define the agents other than those listed as static?

What am I missing? Or is the queue to ring group the only way?

To have phones that can have users login and out of you need to make a change in the amportal.conf file and restart amportal to read this new setting.

The parameter you are looking for is AMPEXTENSIONS you will want to change this from extensions to deviceanduser mode.