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This is my first deployment of freepbx/pbxact. It isnt as easy as digium switchvox I am used to. However, I see this as a learning curve.

I have 2 issues; Phonebook Directory and Permission to var/www/html

Phonebook Directory; I have read lots of articles and I realised there must be xml file for the IPPhones. I got some on this forum and I have tried to implement them. In doing that, I encountered the 2nd problem.

var/www/html permisssion; I uploaded the the php file for yealink and i could not execute the file. Also, I cannot view the dirctory on my browser - http://pbx-ipaddress/phonebook. I tried using the provisioning port http://pbx-ipaddress:84/phonebook. I always get error 404.

I need urgent help in resolving this. This project must be delivered on Monday 13th July 2020.


PS: I am using PBXact

have you tried: fwconsole chown

Yes…I just tried it. See the outcome below;


see the commands below

Is port 84 the provisioning port? If so, the root is /tftpboot/ not /var/www/html/.

Thank you or your observation.

i followed this guide

Do I place the phonebook folder directly in the tftpboot directory?

thank you in advance

Anyone here?

I still need help. Can someone help out please

It depends on what your phone is trying to do.

Every instrument model seems to handle this differently. Almost none of them, however, will just take a naked directory and figure what you are trying to do.

So, to help get you started:

  1. The permissions on the Yealink stuff need to match the permissions on the rest of the files in that directory. Once you have the user and group set correctly, make sure the ‘x’ bit is set to make the file executable.

  2. The phone (especially if you are using port 84 for provisioning) cannot see anything except the /tftpboot directory, so plan accordingly. It’s never as simple as just copying a file into the right place.

  3. This a commercial appliance - have you reached out for tech support at Sangoma? If it’s a new implementation, you probably still have warranty credits that you can use to answer some of these questions.

Thank you for your response.

I am using Fanvil x4 IPPhones. No much information about its integration with FreePBX or PBXact on the internet. The closest I got was that it uses the same syntax as Yealink and Cisco.

I am in need of script that generate xml file for Yealink or Cisco.

I will appreciate any help


I finally sorted it out.

I used one of the script - Yealink XML Phonebook.xml auto-generation

I was able to generate the xml files. However, I have to move the scripts and xml file to /tftpboot directory. For the reason that Fanvil only support TFTP protocol for provisioning.

The URL on the phone is tftp:// Thank you for all your support.

However, I have a new challenge. My Client wants to add employee`s cell number to the directory. Where can I add that on the PBX and how do I update the script to include cell number.

Thank you for your support once again

The Phonebook in the FreePBX Admin tab should work as your data source, if I’m reading the code correctly.

Are you referring to Contact Manager?

I am using PBXact actually.


I added cell number in contact manager and executed the php file again. Cell number was included in the xml output.

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