Help with OpenVox VS-GW1202 Sip trunk setup on FXO side with FreePBX

Dear All ,
I bought this analogue gateway from OpenVox VS-GW1202 ,
And I have trouble to configure the SIP trunk correctly , (the FXS side was quite okay)
and my calls either fail , or when I call the FXO port after 4 rings the line disconnects …
Debugs and Log files whore quite useless because the SIP packets go just fine but something is destroying the connections.

Is anyone out there that mastered this hardware to give me a hand ?

Thank you very much. In advance

Hi. I’m not familiar with that particular brand and model, but in general, all FXO gateways work kind of the same way. You just need to create a trunk on FreePBX and get the authentication working. Some models, like the Grandstream ones, need the trunk name to be set exactly the same as the authentication name, because otherwise they fail to authenticate but the error thrown hardly suggests that. For incoming, they usually have a field called something like Unconditional PSTN to IP call forward. In that field, you specify the destination and IP of your FreePBX and that is how you get your calls delivered to your FreePBX. I configured several FXO gateways in the past, let me know if you would like some help. It would be great if you could provide a link to the gateway’s administrator manual.

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