Help with multilingual support

Hello, I did some searching on Google and through your forums and wiki here at and I found a few articles on how to set up multilingual support for FreePBX. However after following the tutorials I am still not able to set up a forward destination in the languages module. Below is how how my IVR call flow is set up.

Call comes in to English IVR > Caller presses 1 for Spanish > Caller is sent to Spanish IVR > Caller presses an option and is sent to a queue.

In the Languages module I have a language set with ISO code “es”. This language points at the Spanish IVR as its destination. I have downloaded the Asterisk Core Sounds in Spanish from their site (, untarred it, then placed the folder “es” in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/. When you dial the IVR and enter a wrong option the messages are still in English. I created another language and pointed it at a Spanish queue and all the announcements are in English as well. I am completely stumped. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Channel data is available by trunk in the SNMP MIB. Just use an Open Source SNMP tool like MRTG to graph channel utilization. It will show the high, low and average also.

Im not sure if your post was meant for this issue. Thanks though Skyking.

No wonder how that happened?

Sometimes, when * cannot access the files, e.g. due to permissions or wrong folder hierarchy, it will default to english. So ensure that, this is not the issue.

Thanks for the reply. The folder hierarchy is correct (/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/es with all subfolders included). I have double checked permissions and matched them to the “en” folder. I also ran a amportal chown to set any other permissions. Not sure what I am doing wrong…