Help with LLDP and Digium phones

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Without going too deep in the woods, I’ll attempt to explain the issue I’m experiencing and my environment.

Problem is phones never get an IP address. Requests never make it to the DHCP server. This same setup works for other D62 and D65 phones all with same IOS and phone firmware. If I go to the phone and manually set the VLAN info, it all works fine.

4500X Cisco switch with L3 VLANs, ip-helper on each one.
2960X Cisco switch with single port to D62/65 phones with PCs hanging off of them.
LLDP enabled, show active, shows phone info on user port, capability of ‘T’.
SPAN port shows DHCP discover from phone…never makes it to DHCP server. Shows DHCP from PC. PC gets IP, works fine.
Using DPMA to config phones.

Example port config:

int GigabitInterface1/0/20
  switchport access vlan 10
  switchport mode access
  switchport voice vlan 15
  no cdp enable
  spanning-tree portfast edge

Not having LLDP work perfect is no surprise. What gets me is that I’m getting different results with the same setup across the network. Anyone else experience this? Is there a way of debugging LLDP on the phone?

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Does the phone have any LLDP settings?

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Config mode is set to “LLDP”. If I set it to “manual”, i can define the voice vlan and it’ll boot up. It’ll ask me about a config server (I choose asterisk) then choose the account.

I’d really like to be able to do this without any user intervention at all.

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