Help with Incoming IAX


I have FreePBX up and running OK but can’t work out how to add an incoming IAX service from TTNC (UK).

We have several incoming only lines with TTNC which simply forwards calls on to either IAX or SIP - they do not provide an outgoing service and so I assume I do not set up a trunk.

On the TTNC service I enter my FreePBX details in the format ‘me:[email protected]’ but I have no idea how to pick up these calls up on FreePBX.

I have forwarded port 4569 on my router to the FreePBX box, plus have a default incoming route configured that should pick up any calls not already routed through a separate DID. I can also see the call coming in on the router but nothing happens.

Anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Have you spoken to them?

You will probably need at the very minimum something like:


Possibly also:


in your trunk inbound settings.