Help with Grandstream GXW4104 Trunk

Hi All,

I haven’t seen anything here about setting up a Grandstream GXW410X, so has anyone successfully set one up under FreePBX?
I used Grandstreams docs but when I dial out I get a dial tone as if you just picked up the phone waiting to place a call. I can then on the phone dial the number a second time and it goes through. It acts as if the GXW4104 picks up the line but nothing about the call was passed through to it. Any ideas/suggestions/pointers will be greatly appreciated.

I never did get any help on setting this up from someone who has had success but after trying a few more times my GXW4104 would not show the web interface. I reset the unit back to factory default and could only ping it but after turning power off and back on I couldn’t even ping it. So, this is my second faulty/bad GXW4104 and I’ve sent an email to Grandstream about this second problem. The first got corrupted when a firmware update was tried. The second unit took the firmware update fine but only when directly connected to a TFTP server. So, my experience with this unit has been bad but I still would like to know if anyone has been successful and what configuration they used in FreePBX. Thanks

Need some tweaking from command line.