Help with FreePBX and D130P OpenVOX

I need to configure a D130P openvox with freepbx.

The OS show the card with the command “lspci”

03:00.0 Network controller: OpenVox Communication Co. Ltd. D130P/D130E Single-port E1/T1 card (3rd GEN) (rev 15)

But not work over dahdi_tool and web
I need to load a driver or something?


Find the Asterisk driver for it and start from there.

I doubt the DAHDI GUI will work with it, but if it can be accessed using a reasonably recent DAHDI version, you should be able to get it working. I’d start with the OpenVOX people and see what they know.

OpenVOX requires a special DAHDI that has patches for their cards that you need to get from them and compile and replace the DAHDI that comes from FreePBX Distro. Be careful with this as anytime you update the OS with yum update or update scripts and we have a new DAHDI it will replace your compiled one. You really should use a support Digium or Sangoma card.

Once that is done the DAHDI module in FreePBX will detect and let you setup that card.


Thank you! a lot of time has passed