Help with Endpoint Manager

Hello. I’m new to this, so please go easy on me. I’ve installed FreePBX and have got Endpoint Manager setup and trying to use it with our Cisco phones, which consist of 7960 models and SPA508G models. I’ve managed to finally get the SPA508G provisioned by going on the phone manually and specifying the tftp server, The phone rebooted and is working. But I am still unable to get the 7960 up and going. I’ve been reading and reading all day, and have gotten all kinds of mixed information about how to get the 7960 provisioned with endpoint manager in FreePBX. It seems that I may need to download a firmware for the 7960, is this correct? And, if so, can someone give me direction on where to download it and also how to get it where it needs to be (tftp folder?) so that the 7960 will see it and install. Or, if someone could point me in the direction of a good, detailed manual or tutorial on the 7960, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help, and I’m sorry for being such a n00b.

Okay, so I was able to download the SIP firmware for the 7960, and I used WinSCP to transfer it to the tftpboot folder at the tftp server. What is the next step to make the 7960 “see” the tftp server, and ultimately the firmware and config files? Thanks again!

For Cisco’s, especially older ones like the 7940/7960, you need to have DHCP Options set - specifically Option 66 pointing to your TFTP Server (Your FreePBX Box) - set that, and have the firmware in there, and you should get a working phone.

If you have “debugging” set on the DHCP service, the /var/log/messages file will give you the filenames the phones are searching for. That may help as well.