HELP with dracut-initqueue timeout

Today I shut down our companies computer that runs FreePBX to move it to a new location. After doing that it wouldn’t power back on, hardware failure. I pulled the hard drive and put it into another similar spec computer but it won’t boot, I get the initial splash screen but then then a long line of [ xxx.xxxx] dracut-initqueue[xxx]: Warning: dracut-initqueue timeout, before failing.

I have a clone of the drive I made a while back using DD but get the same using that. What could the problem be? Is it some BIOS setting or is the system tied to the hardware proflie it is installed on?

Any advice appreciated.

Google provides plenty of hits. It appears to be an OS level problem due to the boot configuration not matching your actual RAID configuration.

Thanks for the reply, didn’t find much of use on Google before posting but Linux isn’t my first language so I was probably not looking for the right thing.

If you have any tips on where to start it would help.

In the meantime I have built a new deployment and the phone are running again. Annoyingly the backups seemed to just stop about 8 months ago and I didn’t notice so some recent changes have been lost but I can work that out.

I would however like to get the try to get the old deployment running again and recover a backup from it, maybe find out why the backups stopped as well so will have a look into it in the new year when I am back at work.

I should probably add some more details, the computer was just a Dell Optiplex with a single SSD drive in SATA 0 and the drive was pulled and put into another Optiplex, similar spec, same BIOS settings, I think with legacy boot enabled.

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