Help with Digium based phones for noob admin

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Still consider myself pretty green with all of this…

I’m setting up a new freepbx/pbxact system. I’ve been testing with the S705 and the S505 phones and have pretty much everything working as expected.

I have a few D62 and D65 phones for testing. But I’m unclear what the recommended method is for configuring them. I have found docs and posts regarding their setup (and DPMA), but they seem to be before these phones were covered by (in some way) the EPM.

What is the current recommended way to configure D series phones?

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

I recommend you use EPM with DPMA enabled. There are very recent changes to EPM to support DPMA devices, so you want to be on an edge version.

(Lonely Admin) #3

Got it. So RTFW? :slight_smile:

EPM-DPMA for Digium Phones - PBX GUI - Documentation (



just how recent??? :thinking:

(Defcomllc) #5

Make sure EPM and DPMA is up to date and enable DPMA

I wonder how recent as well??? Did presence and visual VM get fixed for D80 recent?

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Here’s what I’m running:
Current PBX Version:
Current System Version:12.7.8-2104-1.sng7
EndPoint Manager Module:

This might warrant another thread, but for the D62,D65, and D80, under EPM->(template)->Models where are all the things you can assign to the S series phones, like Intercom, Apps, etc.?

I have the D series phones working, but not sure about the extra things.

Also, all the /cgi-bin/firmware and other links for the Digium phones, where are those documented at?


Not sure the D80’s are supported yet in EPM with DPMA.

Can you define “extra things?” Not sure what you’re looking to do.

(Defcomllc) #8

Yes they are. Just not all the features. Ive been using a D80 for months with EPM and DPMA. The latest firmware fixed some issues. Presence, Apps and Visual VM still dont work. I have a thread on D80 in EPM discussion around here somewhere

(Lonely Admin) #9

I should have clarified, for the S series phones (705 and 505) under EPM->sangoma->S Series->(template)->models->(phone model) the pop-up window has line keys for individual lines, intercom, and then many XML-API:REST-* type:value definitions along with many other things like voicemail ,redial, etc. for types.

The D62 and D65 series don’t have the same values presented in the same way. The only options for type is BLF, Speed Dial, and XML-API. Under XML-API many things are listed under value. For example, there is no redial type, but there is XML-API type with redial value. The D80 has no XML-API options at all, only lines, BLF, and speed dial…I’m guessing because there are not any buttons.

I’m guessing that’s just how it is as they are different devices and until recently not part of Sangoma. I think what threw me off was that the S series phones had everything prepopulated in the EPM and the D series did not.

(Defcomllc) #10

Correct, RestApps are not working yet on D80. Neither is Visual VM, Contacts, and Presence. The D80 EPM support has come a long way in the last 12 months. Myself and a few others on here have been testing it for a while now. It does not auto provision and work with EPM. Updating to the latest firmware fixed some of the issues we were having. DND is now working which didnt before.

If we can get the RestApps, Presence and Visual VM working I can starting selling it to all my clients.

Another thing that just got fixed/add was BLF. That now works as well which didnt up until the recent D80 FW update

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