Help with DID/SIP Trunk

I am having an issue getting the CallerID to show. I know there are a number of forum posts about this subject but mine is very specific as I have been working with the SIP provider. Here are the details and issue:

I have a company that is wanting to move from the POST lines to SIP. If I set the DAHDI as the first outbound trunk the CallerID on outgoing shows the main number.

What I want to do is set the SIP trunks as the main outgoing route for testing, however when I do this the trunk number is shown, here is where it gets tricky.

In working with the SIP provider they are stating that the CNAM they are sending is “Company Name” however the outbound number that Asterisk is sending must match the trunk number (ID). If it matches they will pick that up and send proper information as the caller ID for outbound calls.

Here is what I have set with no solution, and before I go back to the provider I thought I would ask if maybe Im doing something wrong.

At the sip trunk I have set the Outbound Caller ID to the trunk number in format nnnnnnnnn, also formatted as “name” , blank.

Outbound Route set the RouteCID to the number nnnnnnnnnn

At the extension Outbound CID set to “company name”

Nothing seems to be picking up the number for the outbound, all calls coming from the system just show the number assigned to the trunk. Again, the provider is saying its not “matching” however I have no idea what else to try! Im also wondering if the outbound format I put in is correct.

Sorry for the long post, any help MUCH appreciated!